decorating for christmas

decorating for christmas is our favorite! we painted pinecones from the yard, and made a new felt wreath. Rebecca made this ornament herself at school! I love it.

fall family photos

just some nice family pictures at duke gardens from last month.

a bunny halloween

this year R wanted to be a little bunny for hallowe’en. i made her a costume, complete with ears and a big white fluffy tail (my favorite part). getting in character. at one point she had me give her a carrot to chew on (until she decided that this bunny doesn’t like carrots) and had read more »

fall miscellaneous

pumpkins. “too bright!” flowers at the farmer’s market a lot of raking to do. and leaf pile jumping. craft from our church mission conference. “Jesus said, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

pig pickin’ neighborhood block party

we attended our very first neighborhood block party! there will little games, and R brought her tricycle to ride around. our neighbors cooked a roasted pig and chickens, and everyone brought a dish to share.

we love grandparents

happy to get a visit from popo and gong gong!

a butterfly birthday

A fourth birthday! I initially didn’t know if we would have a party this year, but at the end managed to put together a sweet butterfly birthday party for R and a few little friends. Making our cake: the annual chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Getting ready… butterflies! The happy birthday garland I read more »

back to school, baseball, and puppets

we’ve been busy with getting back to life in NC. first day of school. checking out our new neighborhood. watching a durham bulls baseball game. the paperhand puppet intervention show with a pre-show picnic. R made it very clear that they weren’t actually real.

vancouver visit 2014 (part three)

ferry ride to granville island. the food. this is making me crave it already!

vancouver visit 2014 (part two)

a new scooter from her favourite ee ee soccer camp my 10 year medical school reunion (that’s where she got her tiger face). and dinner with old med school friends jean and tony.