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twinkle toes

this spring we tried a semester of dance lessons (that is, organized prancing around) which R really enjoyed. ¬†every week, she received a special sticker from her teacher which she would carefully bring home and save.  

a winter celebration

R’s first school concert! it was so fun to watch and enjoy their little performance. she was really cute in her tutu and borrowed ballet slippers which kept falling off. R even managed to remember her one french line: “on a un message!”. the children prepared gifts for their parents. love these!

a little pumpkin

time to carve our little pumpkin from the farm! first we had to draw the face. R decided we should have an “excited” face. okey dokey… scooping out the pumpkin seeds. turned out better than i expected actually. i think it’s cute. making faces! getting the full effect. it proudly sits outside our door. it’s read more »

professional day

i remember loving professional days when i was a kid. now i’m an adult, and i still do! on R’s day off from school we took a field trip to visit daddy at work. first on our exciting list of things to do… take the bus! ackland museum… which took a whole 15 minutes before read more »

chalk art festival

there was an art festival in downtown Raleigh this weekend which featured three blocks of chalk art by artists of all levels. we got in the action too with our small contribution. i like how the chalk pigments looked on the asphalt: some of our favourites:

first day of preschool!

it’s a big day… R’s first day of preschool!! i don’t know about R, but i was feeling some butterflies in my stomach as we got her ready for school. we are blessed to have found a french immersion program here in NC to continue the family tradition! after meeting my picture-taking needs, we were read more »



family self-portrait


a valentine bouquet


rebecca’s clubhouse

i’ve been looking for a little house for rebecca to play in, but it was hard finding something that would be portable enough for our needs. i came across this little cardboard gem and had to have it. and we got to decorate it ourselves?! bonus! it was a hit… and so began the task read more »


o mini tree

we’ll be heading back to visit family over christmas, but it didn’t seem right not to have our own christmas tree. and what’s a christmas tree without ornaments? the last couple of weeks have been fun making decorations for our humble tree including pom pom santa and reindeer, paper snowflakes, a popsicle stick tree, an read more »