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back to school, baseball, and puppets

we’ve been busy with getting back to life in NC. first day of school. checking out our new neighborhood. watching a durham bulls baseball game. the paperhand puppet intervention show with a pre-show picnic. R made it very clear that they weren’t actually real.

vancouver visit 2014 (part three)

ferry ride to granville island. the food. this is making me crave it already!

vancouver visit 2014 (part two)

a new scooter from her favourite ee ee soccer camp my 10 year medical school reunion (that’s where she got her tiger face). and dinner with old med school friends jean and tony.

vancouver visit 2014 (part one)

another summer gone… this time we spent two months in vancouver visiting family and friends. sounds like a long time but in fact it flew by. a few highlights… family and friends: shenanigans: loving our old fisher price toys found my old graduation hat epic tiger face painting little vancouver friends

maplewood farm

we spent a beautiful morning at maplewood farm in north vancouver. the little farm was the perfect size for a small person, and after seeing all the animals, we had a picnic lunch before going home. ponies. sheep. attempt number one to see the bunnies. all the bunnies were hiding (for good reason) from the read more »

father’s day

we were able to celebrate father’s day this year in vancouver. but first, an early father’s day card before traveling. fish on her card to match the fish on her cheek. father’s day in vancouver

school’s out

R completed her first year of school! hurray! to celebrate the end of year, her class invited us to a tea where the children served their parents. i was impressed. last day of school!

home sweet home

it’s hard to believe, but we are home owners! after many years of apartment living and renting, it feels good to settle down and have something of our own. stairs! our empty living room… but look, we have a new piano and we are very happy about that! i like the view outside our kitchen read more »

may is for mothers

Popo came to visit us earlier this month, just in time for Mother’s Day!

church retreat weekend

last month we attended our church retreat at black mountain, NC. it was short but sweet, a nice getaway from the busyness of everyday life.