beach vacation 2015

Last week we drove to Wilmington and Wrightsville beach for a short 3 day vacation.  We got lucky with perfect weather and had a wonderful time.  We arrived late Wednesday afternoon and squeezed in an hour at the beach before dinner.  R couldn’t wait to get out her bucket!

beachA beachB beachC beachD


Day 2: Beach Day!  R brought her beach toys, even her magnifying glass and flashlight.  She was READY.  First, sandcastles.

beach10 beach9

We were so thankful to borrow an awesome beach umbrella and chairs from our friends.  Made everything even more enjoyable.


Shell hunting.

beach7 beach13

At first not too sure about getting into the ocean…  but she eventually loved standing in the water with the waves washing over her feet.

beach6 beach5 beach4

Beach selfie!



After a full morning of sun, we had had enough and packed up for the day.  The rest of the day was spent eating (fish tacos), napping, and eating again (fresh seafood extravaganza) in Wilmington.  At the end of the day, R declared it the BEST. DAY. EVER.

beachfood1 beachfood3 beachfood2

On our last day, we paid the beach one last visit before leaving after lunch.

beach3 beach2 beach1




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