turning five

We celebrated R’s big 5 with an artsy birthday party at home.  (thanks to our friend Kelby for taking many of the photos for us!).  As R’s friends arrived, we welcomed them with facepainting and then they played in our balloon room on the covered porch outside. once everyone arrived, they painted birdhouses then an early read more »

beach vacation 2015

Last week we drove to Wilmington and Wrightsville beach for a short 3 day vacation.  We got lucky with perfect weather and had a wonderful time.  We arrived late Wednesday afternoon and squeezed in an hour at the beach before dinner.  R couldn’t wait to get out her bucket!   Day 2: Beach Day!  R read more »

this and that

here are a bunch of miscellaneous photos from the last few months. being silly: a very serious bunny practicing her piano: wearing a “bindi” she got from school: dinosaur from the museum of life and science in durham: planting with melody: learning to spell in french: tea party:

duke gardens in spring

I forgot to post these photos from last month when Grandma L was visiting.  We visited Duke Gardens on a beautiful spring day and all the flowers were in bloom.

easter 2015

Our church has a wonderful children’s program, and this year there was a fun easter event hosted by our friends the Kizers. There was an easter story, easter egg hunt, easter parachute and easter snacks!   Easter sunday!

twinkle toes

this spring we tried a semester of dance lessons (that is, organized prancing around) which R really enjoyed.  every week, she received a special sticker from her teacher which she would carefully bring home and save.  

north carolina snow

snow here in NC is quite the novelty… when it snowed last month, school was closed and everyone (it felt like) went out to make snowmen!  I’ve never seen so many snow men in my life.  at home, R got good use of her snow boots and gloves: after the first snowfall in the early read more »

a spoonful of sugar

the few more pics from our vancouver trip. a big highlight was watching the Mary Poppins musical, a Christmas gift from Helen. toboganning family dinners and karaoke board games and trains!

a very superhero christmas

a few more christmas cards for family. R learned how to draw a star! visit with santa. R asked for a toy trumpet! we spent christmas eve with family and friends with the usual hot pot meal christmas morning pancakes and presents! supergirl looking over the city!

“it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…”

who needs christmas light shows when you can just walk over to the neighbor’s yard and admire the giant snowglobe? jesus birthday party… mmm the cupcakes were yummy! i helped organize a christmas song that the children performed for church. they did a great job! and finally a visit from Judith and Terry.